A travel guide for foreigners entering and residing in Vietnam

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The IGOVN is a useful tool, a travel guide for international visitors entering and residing in Vietnam. IGOVN provides tools and utilities such as:

Useful information

Information on Vietnam’s and international immigration policies, disease prevention and control, flights, insurance, accommodation, etc.

Tog sights in Vietnam

Exploring Vietnam from hill-tribe villages to dynamic megacities with stories about sights, people, history and culture.

Healthcare Utilities

Entry and domestic move declaration according to the requirement of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, registration COVID-19 test and receiving test result convenient and quickly.

QR code scan

Issuing, managing personal QR codes, health declaration, scanning QR codes to declare destinations, compatible with other Covid-19 prevention and control applications currently in use in Vietnam.

Amazing Vietnam

Best places for you

Despite its tumultuous history, Vietnam has bounced back to become a big-hitter on the Southeast Asian travel circuit. A land of staggering natural beauty homes to an extensive collection of historical and cultural attractions. No shortage of beautiful and intriguing places to explore in Vietnam.

A travel guide for foreigners entering and residing in Vietnam