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IGOVN: A travel guide for foreigners entering and residing in Vietnam

Please read the Terms of Use ("Term") carefully before installing any parts of the application for foreigners entering and residing in Vietnam ("IGOVN") (including, but not limited to software, related files and documents). You accept and agree to be bound by the regulations and conditions in the Terms when installing the application.

For purposes of this Agreement, the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to the Company. “You” refers to you, as a user of the website.

Introduction to IGOVN application

IGOVN is the application that provides utilities, instructions, guidance information for foreigners entering and residing in Vietnam. Developer: Vietnam Immigration Department. Operator: Information Technology Research Center for Immigration Management. Sponsor: GalaxyOne Co., Ltd

The IGOVN application is a useful tool, a travel guide for international visitors entering and residing in Vietnam. The application provides tools and utilities such as: - Information on Vietnam’s and international immigration policies, disease prevention and control, flights, taxis, insurance, weather, traffic, etc. - Introduction to tourist attractions, restaurants, food services, accommodation establishments, entertainment services, police stations, hospitals, emergency phone numbers, etc. - In addition, for the prevention and control of COVID-19, the application also has the functions of issuing, managing personal QR codes, health declaration, scanning QR codes to declare destinations, compatible with other Covid-19 prevention and control applications currently in use in Vietnam including PC-Covid, VNEID.


These Terms may be regularly updated by the application developer. The terms and conditions of the updated version will replace those of the original version. Users can access the application to view the details of the updated version.

Rights of access

By using the application, users agree to allow the application to have the right to use the following functions on their phone. All access is implemented only by your consent, therefore, you shall acknowledge that, once you grant us the permission, you shall not have any claim against:

(1) Accessing the Internet from your device.

(2) Using the camera to take a photo of your passport, scan a QR code or take a photo of the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or the certificate of recovery from Covid-19, the certificate of Covid-19 test.

(3) Accessing photos and files to save a QR code on your phone.

Registration of personal information

Users have the right to choose the registration of personal information to receive guidance and assistance from immigration authorities when necessary. Personal information includes: full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number, certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or certificate of recovery from Covid-19, certificate of Covid-19 test. Users are also advised to add phone numbers and addresses in Vietnam for timely contact and assistance when necessary.

Having registered personal information, users agree that the authorities can use the information for immigration management, prevention and control of Covid-19.

Users are responsible for their legal capacity in using and registering the information.

Protection of privacy and copyright

User data is used to support foreigners upon their entry and during their stay in Vietnam, and to analyze and trace Covid-19 infection and suspected cases of Covid-19. This data is stored and kept confidential by government authorities and is only used for protecting the health of foreigners upon their entry and during their stay in Vietnam. Commercial purposes and the infringement to privacy are strictly prohibited.

In addition to the above purposes, the application developer is not allowed to collect and use user information for any other purposes, and will not disclose any information that may infringe user privacy or carry out any breaches of user privacy in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

Rights and responsibilities of users

Comply with regulations on information safety and security. Users shall guarantee to declare accurate and highly authentic information. The confidentiality of private information and user information is protected in accordance with the applicable laws. In the process of using the application, users are entitled to use the support services in accordance with the regulations. When detecting errors of the application, users are advised to notify us via the "Report" function

Exercise other rights and responsibilities in accordance with applicable laws.

IGOVN Application Developing Team.

Email: igovn@immigration.gov.vn

Website: https://igovn.immigration.gov.vn